Meet the owner

Hi, my name is Sewell Stephens. I enjoy building things myself rather than hiring people to do it for me. I am 16 and started coding at 12. It started with an HTML YouTube tutorial back in 2016. Thats the only coding skill I'm not fully self taught in. Anyway, I was in on of my dads friends living rooms (I don't talk to my dad anymore. My parents are divorced) and I saw an HTML tutorial. This was just the starting point of a way bigger journey. Anyway, I wrote just some basic HTML code. I didn't fall in love with coding until a year or two later when I started my bigger projects. I stopped coding until a year and a half later when I purchased the domain name sewellstephens.com in December 30th, 2017. You can see more info in Cutestat as far as my domain goes. I then a few months later started building my first product which was a failure. It was going to be an automated PPC management software. I never built it because of how technical it is to build advanced products like that. I gave up after 2 years or so trying endlessly to get it to work. I then started Rototer which was a GDPR compliance service. It generated Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions statements automatically. Unlike the other product, I accually released this product and finished it. I ended up shutting down Rototer at August of 2021. Then rewind back 3 months (May 2021), I started Twayobiz. Twayobiz is the most customizable file sharing solution that integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and thousands more via Zapier. To get started go to https://twayobiz.com. You can find my product updates via Beamer and Indie Hackers. Anyway, have a good rest of your day and bye for now.


Sewell Stephens, Single Founder and Owner