About Sewell Stephens

Sewell Stephens was founded in 2017 with some coding experience prior. It all started with an advertising software product that failed miserably and later branched out into software products like Rototer and Twayobiz. The company colors were originally green and purple, but were later rebranded to the blue and black color scheme you see today. 

We have built a suite of business products we've created with love and clickfulness. Our suite of products can be found on the products page. It took us a while to fully develop the skills needed to build the products listed on our site.


2% of purchases donated

All data safely stored with security in mind

No spam in inbox, ever

Values we believe in

Accept critisism and feedback, even if you don't want to.

Think big, take small steps until you get there

Don't be scared to tell the truth, especially in business

A short overview


Bought Sewellstephens.com


Started advertising software development


Shut down advertising software development and built Rototer


Founded Twayobiz and shut down Rototer


Founded Obeatow

Sewell Stephens (founder, CEO, owner)
Lyra Stephens
What makes us different

At Sewell Stephens, we believe being different is a good thing. Obviously, if everyone was the same, this world would be plain and boring. But, what If I told you we build our software products to have the same brand colors across everything to make things simple? Yep, look at the logos and you will see they all have unique meanings, yet again the same colors. Also, this is a less obvious one, but we make all our logos flat to stay modern and simple. We ditched logo shadows unlike others companies. Last, we have a different approch to API documentation. No long boring documentation will ever be seen at our company. Lets be serious.

Building from home since day one, and before Covid-19

Clickfulness takes effort

We call ourselves clickful as a way to indicate how different we are. You can't judge anything by its cover and Sewell Stephens is proof of that. It may look from the outside as if we are an ordinary software company, but we aren't. We build things differently, we do things differently, and we design things differently. We build and design things differently as we use different tools, techniques, and processes than everyone else. You can always become more clickful, as they're will always be things needing improvement.