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Need PPC management services? Well, our team has you covered with the cheapest solution starting at $0.00 per month. You literally heard that right, $0.00 per month. We believe advertising should be simpler and easier than it is. PPC management services shouldn't be so expensive, so we created Sewellstephens to make PPC management easier. Advertising is extremely expensive until you use our services. Get your business handled with our PPC services so you can focus on the offer of your business and put less worry on advertising. PPC management should be affordable to all. Get started today if you want PPC management to be affordable and done via automation. Small business matters and regular PPC management services cost too much or at least more than they should. Sewellstephens is everything you want plus more. We monitor all types of ads including Video Ads, Search Ads, and Display Ads. Get Sewellstephens PPC services for free and upgrade any time for even more features. You can also donate to the Sewellstephens project at Get your free account and stop reading this now by going to, It's free.

"Advertising shouldn't be as hard as it is"

-- Sewell Stephens - Owner of


What is PPC enterprise/management?

PPC enterprise/management is when a company manages keyword research and other difficult advertising tasks for you.

Is it really free?

Yes, it is really free. We offer paid plans as well if you need even more help.