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Bug and lead reporting

Obeatow is a lead generation and bug reporting SaaS with a cookieless tracking code based on Pritelmonkie.


File and link shortener

File and link sharing with advanced analytical reports and short sharable links. Great for businesses needing statistics on links.

We didn't become clickful overnight

Overnight clickfulness is just not possible. It takes years if not months to become clickful. Took us nearly 5 years if thats something to wrap your head around. If sleep = clickfulness, well everyone would be clickful and we lose our uniqueness so yeah, talk about a big deal. 


With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

Software in the form of SaaS is what businesses like yours rely on daily. With updates handled automatically on page refresh and no EXE or disks required, It has to be greate. We did not invent SaaS nor the wheel, but we do have some great products


Love and clickfulness matter

Our products our clickful and made with love and hard work.

Define clickful

So, what makes something clickful? Its a number of things actually. We keep everything simple not just in terms of usability but in terms of design as well. So whats that mean? using box shadow appropriately and keeping our brand identity accross all our products. 


Meet Pritelmonkie, Open source cookieless tracking solution made easy.


Great for analytical SaaS or even self generated analytics. Also works well with feedback widget tools. Creates invisible iframes collecting data for you and supports Post Message technology and URL parameters. Learn more


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