Great software and tools we offer

Social media, and email


Check lead in seconds

Instantly check lead legitamacy in seconds with our lead checker so you don't lose email reputation and stop emails in spam.


All your links in one place

A bio in link solution made just for you. Whether you want to add social media handles, or website links, we got you.

Tracking, and analytics


Bug and lead reporting

Obeatow is a lead generation and bug reporting SaaS with a cookieless tracking code based on Pritelmonkie.

Open source


File and link shortener

File and link sharing with advanced analytical reports and short sharable links. Great for businesses needing statistics on links.


Stop payment bypassing

Hackarpoof elleminates payment bypassing by redirecting URLs of pages that require payment


Cookieless tracking

Use Pritelmonkie as a cookieless tracking alternative. Just create invisible iframes that are not noticable to end users